It’s been an interesting week. My picks for Quark and StableCoin were spot on, each seeing returns of well over 2000%. Those of you who were invested no doubt made a nice little profit there. I’ve since received many emails to do re-evaluate the market and do a follow up article, so here we are.

Let’s start off with Quark. I’ll admit, I’m getting a bit nervous as the market cap inches past 50m. While this coin was super easy to recommend at .00000800, it’s a lot more risky now. Some serious news will have to develop for the upward momentum to continue, likely in the form of BTC-e or BTC38 adding it. I’ve sold off about half my holdings to lock in a profit, and will be holding onto the other half in hopes of good news coming down the pipeline. Since Quark is still #5 over at coinmarketcap, either of these scenarios is still very possible.

My Quark article is still receiving lots of organic google traffic for terms like buy quark, where to get quarkcoin, etc… So it still has that going for it. Fresh money is still coming in. Volume at cryptsy is still at an impressive 1000 BTC. The price likely won’t crash, maybe just stagnate for a while until some news materializes. If Quark can maintain the number 5 spot, the big exchanges will surely take notice.

Onto StableCoin. I’m more bullish than ever about this coin. Artos dropped not one, but two bombshell pieces of news this week. The first was a more in depth explanation of the coin mixing service that he’s working on. Less than a week back in the scene and he’s already dropping posts that put other altcoin developers to shame. Color me impressed.

The second bit is the much anticipated China news. Artos and crew have announced that they are beginning an aggressive marketing campaign worldwide, the first stop being China. This coincided with the launch of the chinese website at This is huge news, and exactly what I was hoping to hear. Earlier, I had set my target for this coin at $1 each. If China gets involved, I could easily see the price per coin being pushed up to 3$ or $4, maybe even $5. We’ve already seen the chinese push a bunch of coins above $30m market cap. With the market cap of SBC currently sitting at a paltry $1m, this price target is well within the realm of possibility. I’ll be watching anxiously to see what happens next.

Both Quark and StableCoin can be purchased over at Cryptsy.

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