After 4 days of being down, it seems that bitcointalk is soon to return. Shortly after acknowledging the hack and offering a 50 BTC reward for a fix, Theymos seemingly went MIA, leading many to speculate that the hack was a ruse and the servers were actually taken by the feds for use in the silk road case.

The following update will allow many to breathe a sigh of relief. The man himself was spotted in IRC last night saying the following:

[11:06] [theymos] I’m working on setting up the new server now.
[11:13] [theymos] I’m not 100% sure what the attack was, but I feel that it should be safe to put up the forum with pretty much everything except posting disabled. Then I’ll enable things after they’ve been checked more carefully, or the attack vector is convincingly found.
[11:13] [theymos] I’ve decided that the nginx + avatar upload thing was probably not the attack vector.

For better or for worse, a lot of the bitcoin universe revolves around bitcointalk. It will be good to see it back online.

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