Consider this the formal announcement for the CryptoLife Forum.

I initially was going to set up a simple forum to act as complement to the comment system on here, as it tends to get unruly very fast on some of the more popular articles, but decided to extend the idea even further.

In case you’ve been out of the loop of the meta discussion on bitcointalk, there’s been some serious talk about removing the altcoin section all together from there. It’s always been somewhat of a red headed stepchild, and all the crapcoins popping up lately have begun to overflow into the main section of the forum, and it’s really starting to piss off the higher ups. Significant moderation resources are also directed at the section, which many deem to be a waste. Given how central the altcoin subforum is to this community, it would be a pretty devastating blow were it to be removed.

Above all, I think there should be a professional forum that embraces altcoin discussion, not just tolerates it, as is the case over at bitcointalk. There are a handful of other fragmented communities already, but most of them leave a lot to be desired. I’ll step up to the plate and attempt to do it proper.

So, then the question becomes, what can I do differently to not only attract people, but keep their interest as well? I remembered all the way back in 2002, a forum I used to frequent, they had an integrated currency/item system. Items could be purchased, or earned through events/contests/activities. Of course, the whole thing served no practical purpose but it made the experience a lot more interesting. I’d compare it loosely to achievements in video games. Some people got really into it. I remember some of the rarer items being sold for real world money – upwards of $50-$100 each.

So, let me introduce LifeCoins: A self contained currency used on the CryptoLife forum. You don’t need to do anything special to get them. They’re automatically credited to your account for just participating on the forum. The amount of coins you have is displayed alongside every post you make, as well as a link to your inventory, which is available for public view.

You can spend your coins over at the shop, although it is fairly empty right now. There’s also a built in platform for trading amongst other members. I’ll eventually build bitcoin/altcoin payment support into that, which should make things really interesting.

Some of the items sold through the shop will be of limited quantity, and there will also be a plethora of ‘unique’ items acquired through things like participating in an event, winning a contest, reaching a milestone, etc…

I also plan on offering other things, such as raffles, entries for which will be able to be purchased with LifeCoins. Say for example, a 10 LTC raffle, with each entry costing 50 LifeCoins. So yes, you’ll be able to earn real money just for participating. Users are the lifeblood of a forum, so having a system like this in place that gives back, I think is really cool.

If you haven’t signed up on the forum yet, head over to The first 100 members will be getting something unique.

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