Recently, I received an email from a guy who made quite a bit of money off my past few articles, inquiring about the possibility of paying me for exclusive insight. Accordingly, I’m happy to announce the launch of the premium section.

What perks does premium offer, you ask? For starters, you’ll never be the last one to know – most articles will be posted to the premium section at least 24 hours before public release, with the exception being time sensitive articles.

Premium members will also be granted access to exclusive content that will never be posted outside of the premium section. These articles will include some of my hottest tips and market insight. The first of these articles will be detailing the most promising coins going into 2014 – including one coin that I believe is going to explode in growth, much like quark and stablecoin did. You won’t want to miss this one.

Having a premium account will also grant you a direct line to yours truly. Feel free to ask me anything and everything (but don’t bug me too much). Additional benefits will likely come at a later date.

To maintain the exclusivity of the premium section, only 12 slots will be available initially. Each slot will cost 1 BTC. I may open up additional slots at a later date, but at a higher cost, making this the cheapest entry point there will ever be. These initial 12 slots will also be lifetime memberships – future slots might not be.

Sound good? Head over to to get started. All slots are currently full, but you can submit your email so you’ll be the first to know when more open up.

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