I’ve always had somewhat of a soft spot for Quark. It was a quirky little CPU mined coin that launched with a very unique hashing mechanism, yet faded into obscurity in part due to how horribly it was managed. And yet here I am writing an article about it… Why, you ask?

Quark is up over 2000% during the past week. A lot of other coins have seen significant growth during this period as well, but most of those coins (SRC, PTS, to name a few) owe their growth to being listed on the chinese based BTC38 exchange, and the resulting influx of yuan. Quark is different in that it’s growth has been spurred by non-chinese sources.

So what’s been driving quark’s growth if not the chinese? Supposedly Bill Still (who I’ve admittedly never heard of, yet apparently has somewhat of a following behind him) has expressed interest in it. This could mean good things to come, if the hype is to be believed.

With rumors flying around that BTC38 is looking into adding quark, there’s still room for even more explosive growth. The chinese have altcoin fever right now, and are indiscriminately pumping money into any coin they can get their hands on. With the relative low cost per unit of quark, it could see some impressive growth should it get listed.

All things considered, I believe it to be worthwhile to hold a speculative stake of this coin at the moment. The coming days should be very interesting. You can buy Quark on Cryptsy

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