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Tracking your virtual investments is as important as monitoring your non-digital assets. By knowing the ins and outs of the cryptocurrency market, you can make informed, pragmatic and strategic decisions. By making calculated and sensible choices, you can steer your investments in the right direction (e.g., knowing when to purchase, trade or hold your coins), and thus expand and protect your portfolio (e.g., knowing what digital currencies will increase or decrease in value in the short and long term). To remain conversant in the field of digital currencies, you need constant access to different kinds of financial data. You also need a reliable and accessible platform through which you can examine your cryptocurrency portfolio regularly, securely and from any location.

CoinFinance for the Serious Virtual Investor

If you are looking for a free and reliable cryptocurrency tracker, consider CoinFinance—the recommended investment companion of many new and experienced traders of virtual coins. CoinFinance, a comprehensive website on all things cryptocurrency, caters to a global audience and is accessible on any electronic device connected to the Internet. This is a major advantage for investors who are always on the move or who prefer using mobile gadgets.

Aside from letting website visitors create their own cryptocurrency portfolios, CoinFinance also houses a range of tools that will help investors track their bitcoins and alternative coins simultaneously and accurately. These tools, which include currency converters, mining calculators, and lists of highs and lows in the crypto market, are highly professional yet easy to use. The platform is very interactive, which makes portfolio tracking informative, entertaining and productive on many levels. For example, when a user hovers the cursor on any of the charts, small boxes that present the date, time and particular chart-related information (e.g., CF index and coin price) appear. This makes comparing data across multiple currencies and time frames faster and straightforward.

Creating a CoinFinance Portfolio

CoinFinance offers a basic layout that lets you access real-time data on supported currencies as well as the latest news on bitcoin and alternative coins. This online platform translates complex data into understandable and useful information, which investors need in order to make sense of their portfolio and the market in general. To make an account, simply click the “create your portfolio” tab on the header. One of the advantages of CoinFinance is that it lets you retain anonymity to ensure your security. When you sign up, you do not need to supply an e-mail address, a phone number or other personal information. After you create your portfolio, you will be given a unique URL or code that will serve as your login access. Keep the URL or code because if you lose it, you will not be able to retrieve it.

Another advantage of CoinFinance is its widget options. If you run an investment portal, a personal finance blog or a business-related page, you can embed codes for coin prices, market winners and losers, and in-text data directly on your website. This can incite discussions and knowledge-sharing on cryptocurrency, which will benefit you as an investor or finance analyst as well as the visitors of your website.

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