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Choosing the right web hosting provider is not easy. There are far too many hosting service providers today, making it hard to pick the best. A good web hosting company should meet all the standard requirements for hosting services. But with the high prices, many have resorted to offshore web hosting service because they are not only more affordable but also reliable. In addition, you get better privacy protection and stronger freedom of speech.

Benefits of offshore web hosting service

Offshore web hosting providers are quite affordable yet they offer same hosting plans as those in Europe and US. Offshore web hosting service providers offer services at rates that reflect the standards of living for those countries. Many people prefer web hosting service from India and Pakistan. The reason is that these two countries are quite advanced in technology. Customers are assured of getting services at low overhead costs.
However, do not rely solely on the low prices. Make sure you look at the quality as well. Just because offshore website hosting is increasingly becoming popular does not mean that all of them are good. Do not sign an agreement with a foreign host just because of the price. Take your time reviewing the services provided by each company. Compare the services provided by each company by reading online reviews written by existing customers. When choosing a company, there are many factors that you must consider.


Location matters a lot. The closer your website host is to your clients, and then the faster it will be for them to access your website. Therefore, make sure that you check the location of the server because it always makes a difference. If you are targeting visitors in the US and EU, then having the server centrally placed ensures that there is a good response. Offshore website hosting service is therefore suitable for major businesses targeting people in almost every corner of the world.

Highly supportive customer personnel

Some providers put more effort to technical support than others. Good offshore web hosting service providers realize that they have to work harder than website hosts in the US and EU in providing similar services.

Unfortunately, offshore hosting also has some disadvantages. Sometimes hosting in countries that have different time zones and customs can complicate things as well as cause misunderstandings especially when it comes to finding a common working time. Despite the claims that some offshore hosting services provide around the clock services, sometimes they may not really be effective. You may also encounter a language barrier with foreign staff who are not fluent in your language. Therefore, the support team is the single most important thing when choosing an offshore web host. You may read here another interesting article regarding the ugly truth about web hosting support.

There are many other problems associated with offshore outsourcing service though they are not direct by-product of outsourcing. The benefits are also quite tremendous, it is good to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of different offshore companies before signing a contract with them. Offshore web hosting doesn’t always mean budget web hosting but you often get more bang for your buck. If you choose the right offshore hosting provider, you will get a great service with reasonable pricing, located in jurisdiction that serves your purpose the best.

A professional web hosting company hosts their hardware always in a data center. Which is a commercial standard facility, protected by 24-hour security, diesel back up power generators and links to backbone internet connection. This may however not be the case with all offshore hosting providers. To save costs, some providers could host their servers in their own residential buildings or worse yet, even in garages. You should avoid these kinds of setups at any cost.

A good web hosting service provider gives you three basic service options: shared hosting, virtual servers or dedicated servers. The shared server is the web hosting solution in which more than one customer shares the server space and no company has the full control over the resources of the server. In contrast to this dedicated server is the server at which only one customer has the full control. It is also known as the personal server dedicated to serve just one client. You want to choose a full service offshore hosting company so you can always upgrade your hosting plan, without having to move away and find a new host in the future once your website gets more popular.

Payment methods

Sending payments to another country can be a hassle. Before choosing your offshore hosting provider, it is advisable to make sure they will accept the payment method you prefer. There are many hosting companies who are accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This is not however something that you can take for granted.

If you are still not sure which provider to choose, you can check Iceland based offshore web hosting provider OrangeWebsite that meets all the requirements discussed above.