This post will be short and to the point. I wanted to make you guys aware of Myriad.

Myriad is similar to Quark, in that it uses a plethora of different hashing algorithms to create blocks. Where it differs is that instead of using all these algorithms sequentially, they can be used concurrently. Any of the five hashing algorithms is able to find the next block. This has some interesting implications, both good and bad. It puts everybody on an equal footing, regardless of whether they’re mining with an ASIC, GPU, or CPU. That’s the good part. The bad part is that if a flaw is found in just one of these algorithms, the whole system will crumble.

Still, I quite like this coin. The ‘fair mining’ aspect of it is intriguing. At the current pricing of ~800 satoshi, Myriad is currently sitting at a $150,000 market cap. It JUST got listed on coinmarketcap and the price hasnt moved much, so I believe it’s still pretty undervalued. Time to place your bets.

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