What a week it’s been. My head has been spinning at the sheer number of crapcoins being released. If you’re mining/invested in any of the coins I’m about to list off, it’s time for a reality check. The majority of them were released with bare minimum difficulty, so they were all instamined to death. All of these coins are either scams, or so poorly put together that they have no future. The fact that some of them have forum threads well over 30 pages is extremely embarrassing for all involved. Let’s begin.


There’s been CatCoin, a wannabe dogecoin, shortly followed by KittehCoin, a wannabe of the wannabe. If DogeCoin is a horrible investment, how bad does that make these? Surprisingly, people are paying real money for this garbage over at CoinedUp. You never cease to disappoint me, altcoin section. Both of these coins have many technical issues wrong with them, but are so bad otherwise that there’s no point in such an analysis.


Again with the stupid animal themed coins. Of all the coins that have no future, this is probably the worst offender. I’d sooner invest in CatCoin than this garbage.


HotCoin is not so hot, having a 2 million premine (equal to 6.89% of total coins) and is released by a developer who shows extreme incompetence. He didn’t even put the source up on github.


This list just gets more and more ridiculous. Just what we needed, a coin based on an Anglo-saxon holiday, 3 days after the fact. Absolutely brilliant.


This coin’s killer feature is a chatroom in the client. Praytell, why the hell do I want an IRC client built into my wallet? Worst gimmick I’ve ever seen.


5 million premined. Horrible name that Apple lawyers would have a blast with. Not even worth consideration.


What is this supposed to be, a clone of pennies? This coin is awful at every level, and that’s not even taking into account the massive premine it had. Avoid.


Made by the same guy who released snowcoin. Never hear of snowcoin? Exactly. If you have, you might remember him as the same guy who was too incompetent to compile a windows client. His latest attempt at a coin is just as pathetic as his first.


Despite having perhaps the worst name on this list, I take a bigger issue with this coin. It was released without the proper mining parameters disclosed to the public, so that the creators could effectively premine it until people figured out what was going on.

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